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Market-leading large companies across Britain benefit from BT solutions. Here, a social housing provider and the home of English football share their success stories.

Wales and West Housing: enjoying the freedom of a new online world


For an older person living in social housing, using the internet for the first time can open new doors – especially if you can’t get out and about as much as you used to.

We provided the housing association with one of the largest free wi-fi networks in social housing. More than 2,000 senior citizens regularly connect to the network. Access to wi-fi and affordable devices has given them a way to learn new digital skills and get online.

Residents are really enjoying their new-found freedom. It’s easier to catch up with family and friends. Shop. Watch their favourite programmes when they want. Do online banking and make payments. All from the comfort of their armchair or bed.

Wireless connectivity also gives staff the flexibility to work how and where they want to, so the team can devote more time to improving the quality and delivery of their services.  



The internet has opened up a whole new world for me. I’d never been online before I came here but I’ve never looked back.


Wales & West Housing resident

The FA at St George’s Park: bringing together a winning team


From pitch-side networks and video analysis, to better platforms for collaboration, BT technology at St. George’s Park is helping The FA to support coaches at the site and across the country.

The vast size of this football complex presents a challenge in itself. Add the need for it to be connected to Wembley Stadium and FA coaches all over England, and reliable communications are essential. All the technology at St. George’s Park runs over one network, making it easier for everyone to communicate and work together.

Coaches can share data quickly. They can capture training sessions and stream in an instant, and have pitch-side analysis available at their fingertips the moment they need it.

BT technology ensures the home of English football has seamless communications, making everyone feel part of the team.



The thing that makes me most proud is the impact this could have on British football.


Rob Ray

Group Director of Digital and IT, The FA


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