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Hitting new targets with the help of a judo master

From injury and adversity to achieving goals

Call the midwife - to say thank you

The single inspiration that saved lives

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  • Hitting new targets with the help of a judo master

  • From injury and adversity to achieving goals

  • Call the midwife - to say thank you

  • The single inspiration that saved lives

  • I'm proud of you
    Thank you isn't enough
  • You've taken it to another level
    You're changing so many lives
  • You’re leading from the heart
    You made me the midwife I am now
  • You still owe me a fiver!
    Thank you for being you
  • Steve

    Careers advisor


    Estate agent

  • Tyrone

    Former footballer


    Award-winning CEO

  • Katie

    Midwife tutor



  • Andy

    Training supervisor


    Paramedic instructor

It takes a brave person to encourage someone to pursue a completely different career path. But that’s exactly what happened when Steve met Chris. Chris used to run judo classes in his spare time and Steve was his assistant.

The martial arts enthusiasts struck up an instant friendship. And it wasn't long before Chris, with his careers guidance hat on, suggested to Steve that being a postman wasn’t making the most of his talents. Being good with people, focused, and having a natural charm were all qualities which Chris believed would make Steve the perfect estate agent. Steve was flattered that Chris had taken the time to show such an interest in him.

After their long discussion, Steve started to think about his future. He thought about what Chris had said and decided to follow him into the profession. It turned out Chris was right. Steve was a natural and loved his job so much, he’s still doing it 22 years later. Nothing, not even having Motor Neurone disease, stops Steve from offering a top quality service to his clients. Keen not to lose their star negotiator, his employers allow him to work flexibly so he can continue to provide for his family.

Francesca is an award-winning CEO. And she’s achieved her success against all odds. At age 16, she earned a place in Manchester City’s youth team and later won a soccer scholarship to play in the US. Then an injury ended her dream. Aged 18, she left home and headed to London with £10 in her pocket and the determination to make a better life.

A big inspiration in her life was Tyrone. The former footballer took Francesca under his wing, employing her as a youth worker. This proved to be a life-changing moment. Through her work, Francesca discovered that a lack of opportunities was preventing young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds from fulfilling their potential. Encouraged by Tyrone to use her sporting talents for good and with support from The Prince’s Trust, Francesca launched Goals4Girls.

Following a successful career in the army, Katie went back into the classroom to retrain as a midwife. And she credits the moment she met her tutor Jenny, for making her the type of midwife and person she aspired to be and is today. After a life in the forces, Katie felt she was prepared for anything – and anyone – until she met Jenny.

Jenny was a force of nature in the most positive way. Katie feels Jenny went beyond the call of duty as her mentor and really invested in her a person both professionally and personally. She even surprised Katie by popping into her graduation ceremony. But it was Jenny’s passion for her job and commitment to seeing things from a woman’s view that really shone through. These qualities, and the fact that Jenny led by example, have helped to shape Katie’s approach to her job and life in general.

What makes Katie’s job even more rewarding is being able to put into practice the little nuggets of advice that Jenny gave her every day. One of them that Katie tries to stay true to is remembering her job is about making personal connections and leading from the heart. And from the bottom of hers, she can’t thank Jenny enough for everything she’s done. Now Katie’s more than happy to return the favour by supporting Jenny in her fight against cancer.

Andy had always wanted to be a paramedic. After leaving school at 16 with no qualifications, he drifted between a number of different jobs. Then five years later, when he was old enough, Andy took his first step towards achieving his dream. He joined the Ambulance Service as it was known then. On his first day, Andy met John, the man who would change his life forever.

John was in charge of training. Even though Andy wasn’t one of John’s trainees, he aspired to be like just him – friendly, approachable, supportive and amazing at his job. He didn’t know it then but Andy had found his role model, mentor and a life-long friend. One day, Andy’s trainer was off sick and he got the opportunity to work with John. They hit it off immediately. Over time, John encouraged Andy to go beyond basic training and become an instructor.

Twenty-two years later, Andy’s not only a trained instructor but also has a first-class honours degree in higher education. He’s a two-time winner of Tutor of the Year and is touched that it was his students who nominated him for the award. But Andy’s proudest achievement is to have followed in John’s footsteps and inspired new generations of paramedics.