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The moments we share together at work help build important relationships. Sometimes – as you’ll discover in these videos – these moments can be life-changing.



“Thank you isn’t enough”

It takes a brave person to encourage someone to pursue a completely different career path. But that’s exactly what happened when Steve met Chris. Chris used to run judo classes in his spare time and Steve was his assistant.

The martial arts enthusiasts struck up an instant friendship. And it wasn’t long before Chris, with his careers guidance hat on, suggested to Steve that being a postman wasn’t making the most of his talents. Being good with people, focused, and having a natural charm were all qualities which Chris believed would make Steve the perfect estate agent. Steve was flattered that Chris had taken the time to show such an interest in him.



After their long discussion, Steve started to think about his future. He thought about what Chris had said and decided to follow him into the profession. It turned out Chris was right. Steve was a natural and loved his job so much, he’s still doing it 22 years later. Nothing, not even having Motor Neurone disease, stops Steve from offering a top quality service to his clients. Keen not to lose their star negotiator, his employers allow him to work flexibly so he can continue to provide for his family.

Chris’ suggestion to become an estate agent was the best piece of advice I’ve ever had. Saying thank you simply isn’t enough.


Working together: the report

Moments like these are what make our working relationships such an important part of our lives. We commissioned a report to discover the value of true connections. Find out how you can work together better today.


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