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The moments we share together at work help build important relationships. Sometimes – as you’ll discover in these videos – these moments can be life-changing.



“You made me the midwife I am now”

Following a successful career in the army, Katie went back into the classroom to retrain as a midwife. And she credits the moment she met her tutor Jenny, for making her the type of midwife and person she aspired to be and is today. After a life in the forces, Katie felt she was prepared for anything – and anyone – until she met Jenny.

Jenny was a force of nature in the most positive way. Katie feels Jenny went beyond the call of duty as her mentor and really invested in her a person both professionally and personally. She even surprised Katie by popping into her graduation ceremony. But it was Jenny’s passion for her job and commitment to seeing things from a woman’s view that really shone through. These qualities, and the fact that Jenny led by example, have helped to shape Katie’s approach to her job and life in general.



What makes Katie’s job even more rewarding is being able to put into practice the little nuggets of advice that Jenny gave her every day. One of them that Katie tries to stay true to is remembering her job is about making personal connections and leading from the heart. And from the bottom of hers, she can’t thank Jenny enough for everything she’s done. Now Katie’s more than happy to return the favour by supporting Jenny in her fight against cancer.

Meeting you has made me the person I am. Think of all the women your students have helped. That’s a lot of lives you’ve touched.


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