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The biggest names in the public sector rely on BT technology to stay connected. Here, Essex Police and the Ministry of Defence share their success stories.

Essex Police: more time to keep the community safe

Essex Police receive on average 631 emergency calls a day. So it’s crucial to minimise the time officers spend travelling to and from the station to complete admin, when they could be out on the beat ready to respond. An innovative BT solution is enabling them to do just that.

Smartphones from BT are giving police officers access to apps that allow them to carry out integral tasks while on patrol. They can view as-it-happens CCTV footage, review investigations, file reports and share briefings with colleagues – on the spot.

The solution we provided saves officers from having to travel a combined 784,000 miles every year to complete time-consuming paperwork. We’re helping officers spend more time on the streets, fighting crime and keeping communities safe.  

I know people want us to be more visible and to maximise the time my officers are out and about. Rather than ploughing through admin in an office, we can truly give them more time to fight crime.


Stephen Kavanagh

Chief Constable, Essex Police


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Ministry of Defence


Being in the armed forces means services personnel can be posted anywhere at a moment’s notice. So they rely on a dependable internet connection to ease the separation from loved ones and keep up to date with their life back home.

Now, whichever base they’re stationed at in the UK, personnel have access to a BT Wi-fi connection. It means they can do the things they’d usually do as if they were at home. But online instead, safely and securely.

Enjoying downtime away from the frontline is so important. Saying goodnight to their children on a video call or contacting friends via social media, for instance, can make all the difference. Thanks to a bespoke, wireless internet access solution that we developed called MOD Wi-fi, this is all possible for services personnel.

The internet is a lifeline, so the MOD Wi-fi solution from BT is hugely popular. In fact, BT has had to increase available bandwidth to cope with growing demand.


Lieutenant Commander Louise Wooller

HM Naval Base Clyde


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