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BT technology can make a big difference to a business. Here, a high-flying charity and an organiser of tasty dining experiences share their success stories.

Aerobility: helping a life-changing charity take off


Aerobility gives the opportunity to those with a disability to fly a plane. Taking to the skies can provide a new-found confidence and exciting new abilities.

As a charity funded primarily by donations, Aerobility needs to ensure it operates as efficiently as possible. They rely on seamless communications to minimise costs and work effectively. And a reliable BT broadband and phone line connection is allowing them to do this.

The wi-fi network is extended out onto the airfield, so that those in the hangar and aircraft can deliver video tutorials, and download engineering data when they need it. Plus the booking system for instructors and aircraft is hosted, appropriately, in the cloud.

With Aerobility’s employees, many of whom have disabilities themselves, providing qualified flight training to obtain Private Pilot’s Licences, opportunities for life-changing experiences are sky high.  



Without being online, without being able to talk on the phone, without being able to use social media, the charity just wouldn’t be able to deliver its activity.


Mike Miller-Smith MBE

CEO, Aerobility

Grub Club: connecting unique dining events


The Grub Club creates one-off experiences for food fanatics – bringing together great chefs and underutilised venues for truly memorable experiences for diners.

With people based across London and as far afield as India and America, it’s essential for Grub Club to keep everyone connected and working as one. So their BT broadband and phone line connection is an essential ingredient.

Thanks to cloud-based collaboration, everyone has access to the same documents to work together, even when they’re based thousands of miles away. And there’s no need to travel to meet face-to-face, they can simply video call one another.

With expansion on the menu, Grub Club is already cooking up new ways to use technology to bring together foodies, chefs, and quirky venues across the UK.



The lifeblood of this business is the connectivity. If we don’t have the connectivity, we can’t survive on a day-to-day basis.


Sid Vijayakumar

Co-founder, Grub Club


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