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The moments we share together at work help build important relationships. Sometimes – as you’ll discover in these videos – these moments can be life-changing.



“Thank you for being you”

Andy had always wanted to be a paramedic. After leaving school at 16 with no qualifications, he drifted between a number of different jobs. Then five years later, when he was old enough, Andy took his first step towards achieving his dream. He joined the Ambulance Service as it was known then. On his first day, Andy met John, the man who would change his life forever.

John was in charge of training. Even though Andy wasn’t one of John’s trainees, he aspired to be like just him – friendly, approachable, supportive and amazing at his job. He didn’t know it then but Andy had found his role model, mentor and a life-long friend.  One day, Andy’s trainer was off sick and he got the opportunity to work with John. They hit it off immediately. Over time, John encouraged Andy to go beyond basic training and become an instructor.



Twenty-two years later, Andy’s not only a trained instructor but also has a first-class honours degree in higher education. He’s a two-time winner of Tutor of the Year and is touched that it was his students who nominated him for the award. But Andy’s proudest achievement is to have followed in John’s footsteps and inspired new generations of paramedics.

The first time I lost someone in the ambulance, John was a tower of strength and made sure I didn’t crumble. That was a real turning point.


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