view map Wolverhampton, Staffordshire WV8 1DP We also cover these areas: Wolverhampton

Caerus Business Solutions Ltd

Unit 1 Oaktree House, Oaktree Rise

Codsall, Wolverhampton


Wolverhampton, Staffordshire WV8 1DP view map We also cover these areas: Wolverhampton

Caerus Business Solutions Ltd

Unit 1 Oaktree House, Oaktree Rise

Codsall, Wolverhampton


Tel: 0190 284 1820 (Monday to Friday 8-6 excluding bank holidays)


All the products and services that your business needs, from local people who take
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About us

Phil Purssey started Caerus Business Solutions Ltd in 2011 following a successful career in BT. Phil has worked in IT most of his working life so when it comes to deploying technology for business advantage he’s got all the experience you need.

‘The development of IP solutions, unified communications, and fixed-to-mobile convergence have all shaped the way businesses operate. Being a part of a continuous business revolution is incredibly exciting and very motivating’, enthuses Phil.

Phil’s Codsall-based team comprises specialists in cloud, data, mobility, convergence, and of course telephony.

I was born and bred in Wolverhampton’, said Phil. ‘As the owner of a small business myself I know the local issues and how important it is to deliver solutions that offer real value for money’

‘We helped Homeserve Furniture Repairs Ltd, a furniture repair and assembly business in Brierley Hill. They had ambitious growth plans and also needed a reliable internet connection to run a mobile app that their furniture technicians relied on’ explains Phil.

‘We provided them with a Mitel MN3300, which had the expansion capability they needed when they enjoyed further growth 2 years later. Their broadband has been upgraded to a 100 Meg BTnet Leased Line and now the technicians get the information they need to keep up with the orders.’

Businesses we’ve helped

Wolverhampton: Dairy products

Johal Dairies Ltd has 50 vans delivering fresh milk and dairy produce within a large area. Head office need to know the instant a delivery has been made. They also wanted a reliable internet connection between their sites in Wolverhampton and Leicester.  Because they had different suppliers for their calls, lines, phone system, mobiles, and internet they also had trouble getting anyone to take responsibility for service problems. We provided a BTnet Leased Line and 50 mobile SIMs for the drivers’ handheld devices. Now they have one bill, one supplier, and no more internet problems.

Walsall: Community special school

The Jane Lane school was having trouble with their old phone system. It was tricky to use and couldn’t cope when the school added new classrooms outside their main building. We installed an Avaya IP Office phone system. Because the phones use DECT technology over the existing school LAN, the teachers and staff can carry them anywhere on campus and are always in touch.