view map Pontprennau, Cardiff CF23 8RD We also cover these areas: South Wales

Leading Edge Group (UK) Ltd

Ground Floor, Raglan House, Malthouse Avenue

Cardiff Gate Business Park, Cardiff

CF23 8BA

Pontprennau, Cardiff CF23 8RD view map We also cover these areas: South Wales

Leading Edge Group (UK) Ltd

Ground Floor, Raglan House, Malthouse Avenue

Cardiff Gate Business Park, Cardiff

CF23 8BA

Tel: 0292 023 2425 (Monday to Friday 8-6 excluding bank holidays)


All the products and services that your business needs, from local people who take
the time to understand what makes your business tick.





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About us 

Aimee Wayman is Sales Director for Leading Edge Group UK, the Cardiff-based South Wales BT Local Business.  She joined BT Local Business in 2008, following a stint at Hewlett Packard.

‘We’ll tailor our expert advice to your business’, says Aimee. ‘BT’s product range is continually evolving, thanks to their commitment to research, development, partner relationships, and bringing new technology to your door’.

The South Wales BT Local Business, located in the Cardiff Gate International Business Park (just off junction 30 of the M4), can supply the full range of BT’s business products and services; network, cloud, mobile, broadband, fibre, and IT. Couple that with an extensive suite of vendor partners and you’ve got world-class communications on your South Wales doorstep.

‘We’ve numerous specialists in the team’, says Aimee, ‘who don’t just know what they’re talking about but have a passion for their specialisms that mean they can help you decide what’s the best solution for your business’.

Aimee’s team are local, they understand the local economy and local communities, and they understand technology.

‘We know that technology can be complex but we also know how to make it easy to understand. We’d love to pop by for a chat and to discover what we can do for your business so get in touch with us to arrange a visit!’     

Businesses we’ve helped

Swansea: Care company

GRS Care Ltd was suffering from poor internet access, exacerbated by running an old phone system and mobiles without any mobile coverage at their offices. We needed to make sure that their carers had the flexibility to work remotely with the assurance of reliable internet access and mobile coverage.

We took the time to understand how the business runs, what we could do to help, and how we could help the business become more effective.

The solution? A BTnet Leased Line and a Smoothwall firewall for secure and rock-solid internet access; mobiles with blanket coverage; and Cloud Voice for a fully-featured office phone system.

UK-wide: Power company

Welsh Power t/a Carron Energy supplies power for National Grid. They were having problems getting broadband installed at new sites due to network availability issues, which could lead to financial National Grid imposing financial penalties.

We got to grips with the issues facing the company and proposed a phased roll-out of multiple BTnet Leased Lines. They can now connect to National Grid with a completely reliable service. Welsh Power told us that they were ‘very pleased with BT Local Business’ because we kept them informed throughout the process, made clear the steps for installation, and secured the best price possible for each location.