view map Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS32 8BS We also cover these areas: Bath, Bristol

Leading Edge Group (UK) Ltd

Office 2, Town Square, Willow Brook Centre

Bradley Stoke, Bristol

BS32 8BS

Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS32 8BS view map We also cover these areas: Bath, Bristol

Leading Edge Group (UK) Ltd

Office 2, Town Square, Willow Brook Centre

Bradley Stoke, Bristol

BS32 8BS

Tel: 0145 427 5300 (Monday to Friday 8-6 excluding bank holidays)


All the products and services that your business needs, from local people who take
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About Us

Tom Wyness from the Leading Edge Group (UK) Ltd is the Bath and Bristol BT Local Business Sales Director.

‘We’ll help you survive and thrive in a world that’s changing faster than it ever has before.  Our combination of network, mobile, IT and cloud services, coupled with an extensive suite of vendor partners enables us to offer global capability at a local level’, he explains.  ‘We only sell approved BT products; a product range that is continually evolving due to BT’s commitment to research, development, partner relationships, and bringing new technology to your door’. 

You’ll receive expert advice from our Bradley Stoke-based team, tailored to your business.  Whether it’s unified communications, fixed and mobile telephony, software applications, web space or data hosting, we’ll find the right world-class product or service for you.  By explaining complex technology in straightforward language, we’ll help you understand how to get the best out of it.

‘Our people are passionate about what they do’, says Tom ‘and they’ll help you make the best decision for your business. And because we live and work in the same area as you, we understand local business; we know a thing or two about the local economy, business opportunities, and the local community.  We’d love to pop by for a chat to discover what we can do for your business so please contact us to arrange a visit’.

Businesses we’ve helped

Bristol: Defence partner for the MOD

Our client (whose identity we cannot reveal) was setting up a new site with 10 staff, which they expected to expand rapidly to over 20. They wanted a phone system that could cope with increasing numbers of users and that they could integrate with their CRM. They also needed a vendor they could trust as they didn’t want to risk any damage to their brand.

We recommended the Cloud Voice phone system with good broadband connectivity, which has given them the flexibility to add users and integration with their CRM.

Bristol: Waste management

Able Waste Management was looking for better internet connectivity in the office. We met with them to discuss what they needed and to offer advice and guidance. They opted for BTnet Leased Line because it’s completely reliable and never slows down. Their staff can now access the internet quickly and reliably.