Once you've signed into online billing ...

Switch to paper billing icon

Here's how to switch to paper-free billing

Just three simple steps to follow ...

  1. Click Switch to paper-free.
  2. Select Yes, change to paper-free (then, if you agree, tick the box next to I agree to terms and conditions).
  3. Click Save.
Set up a direct debit icon

Here's how to set up a direct debit ...

Follow these simple instructions to set up a direct debit

You'll need your bank account number, the account holder's name, and the sort code.

Click Set up a Direct Debit.

  1. Select Whole Bill Direct Debit (If you hover over the '?' you'll see more information about it).
  2. Select the account(s) that you want to set up the Direct Debit on, then click Next.
  3. If your bank account needs just the one signatory: select I am the sole signatory, click I want to set up my Direct Debit online, then fill in your bank details.
  4. Or, if your bank account needs more than one signature, select I am not the sole signatory. Please send me a paper instruction to complete and return. Which is what we'll then do!

Why switch to Direct Debit and paper-free billing

Paper billing icon No more paper bills/VAT invoices
Online bills icon All your bills in one place
Never forget icon Never forget to pay your bill
Save money icon Save money