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It’s so easy to go paper-free with BT Business 

Already manage your billing online?

Choosing paper-free billing is simple. Sign in and you can sign up in seconds. Just follow the onscreen guides to go paper-free. And you can start saving money today.

Don’t have a BT Business online account?

You can do so much in My Account – your secure area of our website. Track orders. Analyse charges. Update details without calling. Plus go paper-free with online billing.

Switch to paper-free billing and save money every month

Having your bill printed and posted to you will cost £4/month. And if you choose to have it itemised, it costs £8/month. So it makes sense to switch to online billing. Go paper-free today to save money every month.

Follow these simple steps to go paper-free:

1. Sign in to My Account

2. Go to Billing & Payments at the top right

3. On the left, look for Tasks and select Go paper-free

4. In Bill Medium, choose Switch to paper-free

5. Confirm you accept the terms and conditions

6. Hit Save – and start saving money every month with paper-free billing

You don’t need paper bills for end-of-year financials

Going paper-free still gives you all the information you need to prepare your end-of-year report. You can download and print VAT invoices whenever you need them. And we save every bill from the last 15 months in My Account. So you can keep your bills safe online, and view them anytime. It’s your own secure virtual filing cabinet.

Plus switching to online billing gives you handy tools to help you to analyse your usage and manage your spending. That’s vital business information on demand that you wouldn’t get from a printed bill in the post.

Why go paper-free with online billing

No more paper bills or VAT invoices

All your bills, from the past 15 months, in one secure place online

Avoid monthly charges for printed bills

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