Low cost numbers for your business

0844, Pre-paid 0844, 0845 & 0871 numbers to give you a national presence

Cost effective numbers where the customer pays for most of the call

  • Get up and running quickly with pre-paid 0844 - no call charges or on-going rental
  • 0844 & 0871 - cost of the call is covered by the caller. You can also generate revenue with 0871
  • 0845 call costs are shared between you and the caller
  • No need to change your number as this number sits on top of your existing landline number
  • Free statistics reports
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Additional services

Call routing

These services give you the flexibility to route calls based on the time of the day,
geographic location of the calls and if the number is busy.

Read more about call routing services

Call Management

Analyse data from your calls and monitor and fine tune your service almost in real time.

Read more about call management services

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Number type Monthly line rental(ex VAT) Call charges you pay(pence per minute) Call charges your customers pay(pence per minute inc VAT)* Revenue share
Pre-paid 0844?

Pre-paid 0844 allows you to manage your costs with no call charges or monthly line rental.

No monthly rental. Just a £50.00 one off cost Nothing 7p per minute * n/a

0844 allows you to set a fixed rate for your customers.

£10.00 Depends on the caller charge chosen. You decide on the caller charge between 1p and 7p per minute. * May be available with a large volume of call minutes.

0845 numbers have high public awareness and are free for many customers to call.

£10.00 3.48p 5p per minute* Not available.

An 0871 number can help you generate revenue by deciding the rate you want customers to pay for the call.

£10.00 Nothing You decide on the caller charge between 8p and 13p per minute.* Varies with caller charge rate. (e.g. If the customer pays 8p per min the revenue share would be 2p per min or if the customer pays 6p per min the revenue share would be 0.5p per min).
* Calls are subject to an access charge.

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