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0800 numbers and BT Freephone services

Why choose an 0800 freephone number?

93% of the UK recognise 0800 numbers as a free call*, so by ordering a Freefone 0800 number for your business you'll remove an additional barrier to that all important sale.

*(Source: Back to the Future - Full Report; Back to basics to get to the future Key findings for the future of UK Teleservice; The Henley Centre, January 2004)

What are 0800 freephone numbers used for?

  • Customer care
  • Mass marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Lead generation and new business acquisition
  • Complaint handling

Online reports

You'll get free online reports for your freephone number - so you can view summary information as well as further additional detail about the calls made to your 0800 numbers.

0800 number reports:

  • Call data will start collecting on the day your number becomes live in the network
  • The Call Detail reports are updated every morning with the previous day's call information. Target delivery is before midday but is usually by 9am
  • Detailed data will be available for the past 8 days and rolls forward as a new day is added
  • Summary data will be available for the last 5 full calendar weeks and rolls forward as a new complete week is added
  • Online reports can be saved offline as comma separated value (.csv) files or as a downloaded web page view

0800 numbers and freephone services

Extra services for your phone number

When you order your phone number, you can also add on Call Routing and Call Management services like 'Time of Day Routing'. This means you can specify a certain time of day to receive calls. You can add on as many additional services as you want.

Still not sure if a freephone number is right for your business?

If you're still not sure that a freephone number is right for you, our specialists can suggest alternatives that suit your business goals. Have a chat with our specialists on 0800 808 800

Changes to your service

There are major regulatory changes in the UK affecting numbers starting 080, 084 and 087 (and 09x and 118 numbers) which take effect on 1st July 2015. We have produced this guide which we will keep updated as more details emerge.

Regulatory changes to your service

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