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Useful numbers

Sales: 0800 707 63209am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Hosted VoIP (Enhanced)

Quality calls without the cost of additional phone lines or systems - call us on 0800 707 6320

A flexible, powerful and cost effective alternative to a telephone system

from £ 6 .50 line/month ex VAT

  • Low set up costs, capped calling rates & free calls over the internet
  • Includes business grade features, such as Call Minder


Test your capacity to see how many lines
you can have with our VoIP tool.


Test your capacity to see how many lines you can have with our VoIP tool.

The information is based on the telephone number supplied and subject to survey.


Your results

The tests that we have run show the maximum number (see things you need to know) of simultaneous VoIP calls that can be supported on your broadband connection. We recommend you use a dedicated broadband connection for VoIP only as other data activity such as email, web browsing, streaming music or video, etc. will restrict bandwidth for simultaneous VOIP calls.


Number of possible VoIP lines available


Package 1

BT Hosted VoIP 2 Year Term Qtrly Rental

Hosted VoIP pay as you go service minimum 2 year term (IP Phone required)*


(per month)

or call 0800 707 6320

Package 2

BT Hosted VoIP 2 Year Term Qtrly Rental

Hosted VoIP Plus service and call package minimum 2 year term (IP Phone required)*


(per month)

or call 0800 707 6320

Hosted VoIP (Enhanced) at a glance

What is Hosted VoIP (Enhanced)?

BT Hosted VoIP (Enhanced) is a managed IP telephony service providing you between 3 and 100 VoIP lines over multiple BT Business Broadband connections.

It includes a set of rich features,  and all this comes without having to purchase a phone system or extra standard phone lines, giving you potential cost savings and efficiency gains.

Set-up is easy and you don't need lots of equipment so there's minimal start- up costs and lines can easily be managed using the online VoIP portal.

You get a wide range of calling features all at no extra cost. Each BT Hosted VoIP line now comes with an inclusive geographic number at no extra charge, but you can add more geographic area codes to your lines for a small monthly charge.

See more details about what you get and read about the business benefits of Hosted VoIP (Enhanced).

Get in touch

Call: 0800 707 6320For advice or to arrange for a quote

Or fill in our Hosted VoIP contact formAnd we'll call you within 2 working hours

Or enquire online

Hosted VoIP: What is VoIP?

What you need

To use BT Hosted VoIP you will need:

  • A BT Business telephone line
  • A dedicated BT Business Broadband line with the BT Business Hub for every 8-10 lines of Hosted VoIP

Check out our Business Broadband & Phone Line packages

Note: If you already have BT Business Broadband Voice you will need to upgrade your service for BT Hosted VoIP.

You'll need these 2 items of equipment:

  • BT Business Hub (allows you to connect 3 IP phones to the BT Hosted VoIP service)
  • Cisco SPA303 IP phone

A further 5 Cisco SPA303 IP phones can be connected to the service using an Ethernet hub switch, making 8 phones in total. See pricing.

What you get

  • From 3 to 100 lines over multiple BT Business broadband connections (each Broadband connection can support 8 Hosted VoIP lines)
  • Ability to keep existing landline numbers by porting them to Hosted VoIP (subject to compatibility)
  • An inclusive geographic number at no extra charge (one per hosted VoIP line). You can add more geographic area codes to your lines for just £2.99 (ex VAT) per month, per number and a 12 month term applies
  • Easy Attendant – set up menu options for your customers so that their call can be easily routed to the right place in your business i.e. Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Accounts etc (up to 9 options)
  • Over 15 advanced calling features at no extra cost, giving you the functionality you would expect on a phone system with the flexibility to manage them via your telephones or online via a web based portal
  • Music on Hold – play music to your callers while they are on hold or queuing, giving them a more pleasant experience while they are waiting
  • Price certainty with our Hosted VoIP Call Package*
  • Choose BT Managed Install Option for peace of mind, hassle free set-up
  • Choose Advanced Attendant if you have more complex menu requirements to route customers to the right place in your business. This is ideal if your business has a lot of different departments as it enables you to create sub-menus for callers e.g. press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service and 3 for Technical Help, and then a further layer e.g. 1 for Washing Machine, 2 for Fridge / Freezers, 3 for Cookers

Important information

We strongly recommend a primary telephone line is maintained for contacting the emergency services.

The quality of the reception on the phone line may not match that of a normal landline and may vary depending on Internet traffic and customer usage.

Terms & conditions apply

Manage your account online

You can manage your BT Broadband Voice account online:

  • Manage your lines & calling plans - to customise your Broadband Voice package
  • View Online Billing and pay your bills online - also see itemised calls made up to midnight last night

Manage your Hosted VoIP account

Hosted VoIP (Enhanced): Things you need to know

*Hosted VoIP Call Package: Includes calls to 01, 02, 03, g21, 0845, 0870, fm1 - fm13, includes all IDD destinations except exclusions outlined in PLE. Call allowance applies - Customers are entitled to 5000 minutes in any combination of inland and IDD calls and 500 f2m minutes. If a customer breaches either of these rules (or both at the same time) they will be charged for additional calls at OP rates.

NB: if they breach 500 f2m but have only used 1000 inland and IDD minutes in total we would charge for the f2m but the inland/IDD would still come out of the Call Package until 5000 was reached. Likewise, if they breach 5000 inland and IDD minutes but have not yet reached 500 f2m we would charge for additional inland and IDD calls that month but the f2m would still come out of the bundle until 500 was reached.

Any additional call Charges are as per your BT One Plan so you are assured of always getting great rates.

Inclusive minutes and call charging policy:

  • Hosted VoIP Plus: 60 min rule applies, therefore if a customer makes a call for 90 mins the first 60 minutes of the call would be free of charge with the remaining 30 mins charged as per the appropriate overage policy
  • Call Duration Rounding will remain at 60 seconds as per BTB One Plan
  • Call Charge Rounding will round up to next 1/2p with total bill rounding up to next whole penny

VoIP Capacity Tool:

BT's estimate is based on the estimated broadband speed. The lower figure of your upload speed has been divided by 100kbs and the result rounded down to the nearest whole number. 100kbs is representative of the bandwidth requirements of a G.711 Codec (64kbs) including all associated protocol overheads. Whilst the bandwidth measure has been used here, your Voice quality could also be affected by other QoS factors such as Latency, Jitter or Packet Loss.

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