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BT Business Broadband & Phone Line

Be in control with a static IP address

Static IP address

What is a static IP address?

A static (or fixed) IP address is a unique number that identifies your computer when it connects to the Internet.

It's given to you by your broadband provider and can't be moved between providers.

What is a dynamic IP address?

Like a static IP address, a dynamic IP address identifies your computer when it connects to the Internet. However, unlike static IP addresses, dynamic IP addresses change so are not uniquely yours.

You'll usually be allocated a different dynamic IP address from a pool of such addresses each time you connect to the Internet.

How you can get a static IP address?

There are 2 ways to get a static IP address.

When you order business broadband package online you can add a static IP to your order from only £5 a month.

If you're already a BT Business Broadband customer, you can add a static IP address online. Just log into Your account and go to Manage products and services.

Log into Your account

What are the benefits of a static IP address?

A static IP address enables you to do much more online. You can:

  • connect to your PC remotely from anywhere in the world
  • run your own website and FTP server
  • run your own email server without downtime and associate it with a domain name
  • have your computer permanently visible on the Internet so other computers can locate it
  • have secure access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • use off-site server duplication
  • improve your wireless security
  • use security applications such as CCTV

Static IP prices

  Basic Broadband Unlimited Broadband
1 static IP £5.00 £5.00
5 static IPs £10.00 £5.00
Things you need to know

Unlimited Wi-Fi minutes

You need to opt in to get this service and have signed up for a minimum of 12 or 24 months.

  • You will have unlimited Wi-Fi minutes with all new BT Business broadband lines
  • You'll get a voucher which will enable your Wi-Fi minutes
  • One voucher will be issued per BT Business Broadband connection
  • You'll need a wireless-enabled device to benefit from BT Wi-Fi minutes

You can use your minutes in hotspots if coverage is available

Prompt Care

BT's end of next working day fix on landlines applies Monday to Saturday. The end of the day refers to 23:59. Sunday faults reported are fixed Tuesday of that week.

Broadband faults reported Monday-Saturday will be fixed by 23.59 on the next working day. The broadband Customer Service Guarantee scheme covers BT Business Total Broadband Office, Office Unlimited, Advance and Advance Support (excluding fibre-based products). Claims must be made within 90 days of the fault being repaired. For successful claims, a £25 credit will be applied on the broadband line that experienced the fault.

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