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Use our mobile coverage checker to see how strong the coverage is in your area.

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BT Mobile's (GSM/GPRS) national network coverage reaches 99% of the UK population, and if you're travelling abroad for business, you can stay in touch in over 160 countries using our extensive global network.

To ensure that you'll get the coverage you need for standard mobile services, 3G, or mobile broadband, please use our UK coverage checker.

To make our coverage map as useful as possible, we:

  • Update it weekly
  • Show the difference between indoor and variable indoor as well as outdoor coverage
  • Show existing and future planned coverage

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BT Signal Assist: Improve your coverage

Together with Vodafone we continuously monitor the coverage, capacity and quality of the mobile network to make sure you always get the best possible service.

However, BT Signal Assist can be used in combination with your BT Mobile to improve your mobile signal if:

  • You are in a 2G area
  • You find the coverage is not suitable for your usage
  • You have a problem with your indoor signal

It works by transmitting a 3G mobile signal through your Broadband line, giving you the benefit of the faster 3G service.

BT Signal Assist: What you need

To use BT Signal Assist you must:

  • Have a BT Signal Assist box
  • Be a Business BT Mobile Customer
  • Have a 3G handset
  • Have a Broadband line of at least 1Mbps

One BT Signal Assist box can support up to 32 registered users, and up to 4 concurrent calls.

For more information, advice, or to buy BT Signal Assist, just give us a call.

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