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Use our mobile coverage checkers to see how strong the coverage is in your area.

Check if you're covered by our mobile network...

From summer 2014, we're getting together with a new partner so we can provide our mobile service over a different network. All new BT Business Mobile customers will get access to the most established 4G network, plus the biggest 3G and 2G networks, in the UK.

You can easily check your coverage on the new network with our coverage checker

As we're constantly increasing our coverage, we're updating the checker every week so you can be sure that it's always accurate*.

* Of course, even though coverage may be excellent in an area, local service can be affected by things like the construction and material design of buildings; or the number of large trees in a park that you're in; or even if there are extreme weather conditions when you're trying to make a call. So although our coverage checker is accurate, it's not a guarantee that you'll get a tip-top connection in every square foot within that area every time you make a call.


If you're a BT Business Mobile customer who joined us before July 2014 and haven't yet moved over to our new service, use the existing customer coverage checker instead.

Use it to check coverage around your current offices (or potential new premises) or if you need to check the coverage for somewhere that you're travelling to.


If you're on the O2 network, you can check your coverage here:

O2 coverage checker

BT Signal Assist: Improve your coverage

Although we and our network partners keep a constant eye on how our mobile network is performing, there may be times when your signal needs a little help.

That's where BT Signal Assist comes in. It's a small device that's easy to set up but will make a world of difference. It plugs into your broadband router and provides a signal for 3G phones, mobile broadband dongles and 3G enabled tablets in areas where you..

  • find the signal isn't strong enough
  • don't have any coverage
  • have a problem with your indoor signal

BT Signal Assist: What you need

To use BT Signal Assist you'll need to be a BT Business Mobile customer with a:

  • 3G capable device
  • Broadband line with at least 1.5 Mbps download speeds and 0.3 Mbps uplink
  • Spare Ethernet Port on Broadband Router
  • Spare power socket

Of course, you'll also need a BT Signal Assist box. Just give us a call if you want to buy one...

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