BTnet Leased Line

Lower cost EFM leased lines now available in more areas - call us on 0800 707 6315 to check availability in your area.

More about a leased line

When internet access really counts, BTnet adds up. A leased line gives you more than a standard broadband or fibre line, for sure. But is it right for your business?

What is EFM?

EFM is a lower-cost version of BT's leased line service.

Stop press: **Now available in 200 additional telephone exchanges and massive price reductions of 46% on average across the annual rental costs**

Download our Ethernet in the First Mile data sheet for full information.

EFM gives you a tough and reliable high-speed business internet connection. But unlike our standard leased line, EFM uses existing copper lines (instead of fibre) to connect you to our local BTnet exchange. This means it's cheaper and quicker to install than a standard leased line.

With BTnet EFM leased lines, you'll get internet access speeds ranging from 2Mbps up to 35Mbps, together with all the benefits of standard BTnet Leased Lines.

Although EFM isn't available to everyone yet, we're constantly increasing the areas where you can get it.

What EFM could mean for your business

Because EFM uses copper lines that are already in the ground, we don't have to do the - sometimes costly - digging that we'd normally end up doing for a standard leased line.

So, if you are in an EFM area and need a leased line service, you could benefit from:

  • Lower cost: EFM is up to 45% cheaper than our standard BTnet service
  • Faster installation time: we can get you connected in around half the time it takes for other leased lines

How do I get EFM?

We'll need to check the availability (and speeds) in your area. So just get in touch with us right away on 0800 707 6315 to see if EFM is an option for your business.

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