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Fast, stable internet access backed up by a market-leading Service Level Agreement

Is internet access mission-critical to your business?

Yes? Then you need a BTnet Leased Line (whatever the size of your business...)

  • New low prices! Slashed by 30% or more
  • We've got a 100% internet availability target together with a market-leading SLA
  • A choice of download and upload speeds over a tough, resilient internet connection

How does it work?

Why choose a BTnet leased line?

Rock-solid internet connection, guaranteed

A tough, resilient internet connection, with guaranteed download and upload speeds.

We're ranked No.1 in the UK by Netcraft

We're the UK's leading leased line internet service provider, according to Netcraft (2013).

Unlimited data transfers

Because your speed never drops, you can transfer truly unlimited amounts of data at any time of day.

Round-the-clock support, every day of the year

When your business is online, it's always on. We give you support to match. We're always ready for you.

We've been providing leased lines for 16 years

And that's why over 80,000 business customers trust their internet connections to BTnet.

5 hour target on fixing faults

Leased lines protect you from network crashes but, if you do get a fault, we'll aim to fix it within 5 hours.

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What do our customers say?

The reliability of our BTnet Leased Line is critical to us. We can't afford to lose any orders.

Julian Bond

Head of ICT
Hillarys Blinds

We're really pleased that we came back to BT. The products and services BT supplies are second to none. And the response we get from the BT Business team is great.

David Fairbrother

Barron Wood Distribution

When it comes to personal safety, we need an infrastructure that's totally dependable. And with BTnet, that's exactly what BT provided.

Trevor Barton

Professional Witnesses

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How does a leased line compare to broadband?

Leased Line Comparison Table
BT Business Broadband Standard BT Infinity for business Superfast fibre optic Leased Lines

upload speed
Up to 1Mbps Up to 19Mbps Choice of 2Mbps to 10Gbps
download speed
Up to 17Mbps Up to 76Mbps Choice of 2Mbps to 10Gbps
/ dedicated
/dedicated ?

Shared: Customers share the lines that connect them to the exchange. So when everyone uses the internet at the same time, speeds can slow down as the lines become congested.

Dedicated: You have your own line connecting you to the exchange so you always get the same speed.

Shared (contended) Shared (contended) Dedicated (uncontended)
technology ?

Symmetrical: Download and upload speeds are the same.

Asymmetrical: Download speed is greater than upload speed.

Asymmetrical Asymmetrical Symmetrical
Usage limits 10GB or Unlimited 100GB or Unlimited Unlimited
options ?

Resilience options

Each option provides varying levels of diversity and resilience to suit what you need your internet connection for.

Not included Not included Backup, failover, loadbalancing
Service level
Not included Not included Included
availability target
Not offered Not offered 100%

How much does a BTnet Leased Line cost?

Basically, it depends on 4 main factors...

The size of the 'pipe' carrying your leased line (you decide at the outset the maximum size that you want); the bandwidth that you need when you start your contract (you can vary this throughout your contract up to the maximum size of your 'pipe'); your location; and the length of your contract.

Call one of our specialists today to design and price the solution that's best for your business.

  1. Maximum size of your BTnet 'pipe'
    (eg 100 Mbps)
  2. Bandwidth you need now
    (eg 50 Mbps)
  3. Distance to the BTnet exchange
    (eg 2 miles)
  4. Contract length
    (eg 3 years)
  5. Your personal quote

Speak to one of our specialists today to get your personal quote based on your requirements.

Call us now for your personal quote

OK, but how much does a typical customer pay?

Financial trader working from home

Nick monitors the world's stock markets at all times of day. He needs real-time data to make swift decisions. Although he doesn't need a lot of bandwidth to do this, he does need a totally reliable internet connection with ultra-low latency. If he loses his connection or there's a delay, he'll miss the crucial moment to buy or sell at the best price.

These are indicative examples, actual costs are all subject to survey, and will vary.

Pipe size:
(max bandwidth)
10 Mbps
Initial speed: 10 Mbps
Location: Within BTnet EFM enabled exchange area in central Birmingham
Contract length: 3 years
Monthly cost: £272(excl VAT) Subject to survey

IT manager of a secondary school

Carrie is the IT manager at a small school. Teachers and pupils all need to use the internet to share resources, stream videos, and download stuff from the web. BTnet is perfect for Carrie because the school's internet speed won't slow down, even when several classes are online. What's more because, Carrie has a 100 Mbps pipe, she is future proofed for even the busiest times of the year.

These are indicative examples, actual costs are all subject to survey, and will vary.

Pipe size:
(max bandwidth)
100 Mbps
Initial speed: 30 Mbps
Location Within BTnet enabled exchange area outside London
Contract length: 5 years
Monthly cost: £467(excl VAT) Subject to survey

Manages a successful online business

Saul uses his e-commerce website to sell to customers worldwide, 24 hours a day. He hosts lots of videos and images. Guaranteed, reliable upload bandwidth is critical: an internet connection less stable than a BTnet Leased Line could cause his website to slow down - or even crash - during busy times. This would lose Saul both orders and credibility, damaging future sales prospects.

These are indicative examples, actual costs are all subject to survey, and will vary.

Pipe size:
(max bandwidth)
100 Mbps
Initial speed: 100 Mbps
Location Within BTnet enabled exchange area outside London
Contract length: 5 years
Monthly cost: £667(excl VAT) Subject to survey

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Frequently asked questions

What does the BTnet Service Level Agreement (SLA) cover?

BTnet Leased Line has a market leading SLA, providing 100% target availability. We offer money back if we fail to meet our commitment to you. Download more detailed information on our SLA from our BTnet downloads page.

Can I flex the speed up and down?

Yes. With BTnet you can flex bandwidth within the capacity of your bearer circuit, with only 72 hours notice.

Rental will change on a pro rata basis for the period of flex. That means you can reduce rental and benefit from reduced costs in quieter periods.

Is there a fair usage policy for BTnet?

No. BTnet is an entirely dedicated leased line internet service offering you fully un contended and guaranteed bandwidths. As a result, we don't have any form of Fair usage Policy (FUP) in place and you can use as much data as you like.

Does BTnet come with a router?

Yes. BTnet Leased lines are delivered as standard with a fully managed Cisco router.

There's also the option for 'wires only' if you prefer to manage the routing in-house.

What resilience options are available?

There's a range of resilience options available for BTnet, giving you total peace of mind.

For more information, visit our leased line downloads page.

Here's some BTnet downloads to help you decide

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