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A leased line is a private line. Unlike fibre, you don't share the bandwidth and we guarantee the speeds.
We're the UK's leading leased line provider. Talk to us today about choosing the right leased line for your business. Free standard connection on 3 & 5 year contracts.

Ethernet First Mile/Generic Ethernet Access
2Mbps - 35Mbps
2Mbps - 10Gbps
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Description Leased line
EFM – copper connection
GEA – fibre connection
Leased line
Ethernet connection
Typical use 3-20 users (medium) 3-100+ users (heavy)
Service contention 1:1 (fully uncontended) 1:1 (fully uncontended)
Download/upload speed - symmetric 2Mbps - 35Mbps 2Mbps - 10Gbps
Usage Unlimited Unlimited
SLA – service availability 99.95% 100%
Price/month from £152.00 from £360.00
Free standard connection on 3 & 5 year contracts Yes Yes
Ability to flex bandwidth up and down Yes Yes
Faults fixed within 7 hours 5 hours
SLA - Circuit Delivery refund on one-year connection charge Up to 20% Up to 100%
SLA - latency Less than 20ms Less than 20ms
Managed Cisco router with engineer installation Yes Yes
Technical support online and free helpdesk 24/7/365 Yes Yes
Resilience options - Backup No £ extra
Resilience options - Failover No £ extra
Resilience options - Loadbalancing No £ extra
Online bandwidth utilisation and reporting Yes Yes
Free IPv4 static addresses Yes Yes
Free IPv6 static addresses Yes Yes
10 primary and 250 secondary domain names Yes Yes
Internet Watch Foundation-managed blacklist Yes Yes
BSI 7799/ISO 17799 Security Certification Yes Yes
Brochure See brochure See brochure
Published network performance reports Yes See performance reports Yes See performance reports
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How do we work out your quote?

Basically, it depends on 4 main factors...


The bandwidth that you need now


The maximum bandwidth that you'll ever need


Your distance from the BTnet exchange


Length of your contract


Your personal quote


Further information

  • Why you need a leased line

    If your business relies on the internet, you need a leased line -

    • Guaranteed download and upload speeds
    • No reduction in speeds, no matter how many users are on the line
    • Fully uncontended line (so you never share the bandwidth with any other internet users)
    • Change your bandwidth to suit your seasonal business demands
    • Only pay for the bandwidth you need
    • Fast and consistent upload speeds for transferring massive data and using the Cloud effectively
    • Low latency for applications where every millisecond counts
    How much does a leased line cost: some examples

    These are examples only. Actual costs are all subject to survey, and will vary.

    GEA (Generic Internet Access)

    Financial trader working from home

    Nick needs real-time data to make swift decisions. He doesn't need a lot of bandwidth; he needs a totally reliable connection with ultra-low latency so he never misses the crucial moment to buy or sell.

    • Max bandwidth: 10 Mbps
    • Initial speed: 10 Mbps
    • Location: Within a GEA-enabled exchange area
    • Contract length: 5 years
    • Monthly cost: £247 (ex VAT)

    EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

    Head of IT at a primary school

    Carrie's teachers and pupils all use the internet to download, share resources, and stream videos. Even when several classes are online, the speed must not slow down. The school is closed over the summer holidays so she doesn't need so much bandwidth then.

    • Max bandwidth: 30 Mbps
    • Initial speed: 30 Mbps
    • Location: Within an EFM-enabled exchange area
    • Contract length: 5 years
    • Monthly cost: £409 (ex VAT)

    BTnet (Ethernet fibre 100Mbps)

    A medium-sized hotel

    The Grand Hotel needs a robust internet connection for taking bookings and providing guests with high-quality internet access. Guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth means the Grand is confident that guests will always have the performance they need, whenever they need it.

    • Max bandwidth: 100 Mbps
    • Initial speed: 100 Mbps
    • Location: Within a 21C Ethernet fibre-enabled exchange area
    • Contract length: 5 years
    • Monthly cost: £667 (ex VAT)

    BTnet (Ethernet fibre 1Gbps)

    eCommerce business owner

    Saul sells to customers worldwide, 24 hours a day. He hosts videos and images. Reliable upload bandwidth with low latency is critical. He cannot afford for his site to crash or even slow down: he would lose both orders and credibility.

    • Max bandwidth: 1 Gbps
    • Initial speed: 1 Gbps
    • Location: Within a 21C Ethernet fibre-enabled exchange area
    • Contract length: 5 years
    • Monthly cost: £1,656 (ex VAT)

    BTnet (Ethernet fibre 10Gbps)

    Louise - owner of large premises with 200 business units

    Louise wants to rent out units with high-quality internet access. The connection needs to be scalable, future-proof, and able to serve a diverse range of businesses. As occupancy rates vary across the year, she also needs to be able to flex the bandwidth up and down to control costs.

    • Max bandwidth: 10 Gbps
    • Initial speed: 10 Gbps
    • Location: Within a 10G Ethernet fibre-enabled exchange area
    • Contract length: 5 years
    • Monthly cost: £4,196 (ex VAT)

    Upload speeds

    Upload speeds can be more important than download speeds

    People often refer to the download speed when they're talking about broadband. But for many businesses, it's the upload speed that's more important.

    Consistent, high upload speed and a reliable connection are essential if you're:

    • using VoIP services
    • running applications from the Cloud
    • sharing large data files
    • streaming HD video (maybe for video conferencing)
    • providing online content
    • hosting data at a head office

    Leased line upload speeds compared with broadband speeds

    • Broadband upload speeds are typically up to 1Mbps
    • Leased line upload speeds are between 10Mbps and 10Gbps
    • You can tailor leased line speeds to match your business needs
    • We guarantee your upload speed as well as your download speed
    Resillience options

    Although we have a 100% availability target backed up by an SLA, there are times when that isn't enough to keep your business working. You can protect your business against problems that are beyond our reasonable control: flood, fire, criminal damage and so on.

    We have 3 resilience options.


    If anything goes wrong, everything continues to work as normal.

    • We manage a secondary leased line for you that we only activate if there's a problem on your main line.
    • The secondary line is identical in size and performance to the primary line.
    • Traffic is only restored to the primary link once it's available.
    • We set up and manage the failover as part of our managed service.


    A cheaper option than Failover because it uses a smaller size and bandwidth than the primary line.

    • We manage a secondary leased line for you that we only activate if there's a problem on your main line.
    • The secondary line has a smaller size and bandwidth than the primary line.
    • You have emergency backup for your applications but at a reduced performance level to that of the primary line.

    Load balancing

    Load balancing is a more complex resilience option.

    • You manage a secondary leased line that remains fully active during normal operation, working alongside your primary leased line.
    • Traffic can be load-balanced across both links (it is not load-shared).
    • In the event of failure on either of the lines, all traffic routes to the active line.
    Brochures to download

    BTnet Brochure (PDF Download 339KB)

    • What is it?
    • How it works
    • Why you need it

    BTnet SLA (PDF Download 70KB)

    • Installation
    • Availability
    • Latency

    BTnet Conditions and Service Schedule

    • Full conditions
    • Complete service details
    • 'i's dotted, 't's crossed

    BTnet Availability and Delivery Targets (PDF Download 471KB)

    • Fault response targets
    • Fault fix targets
    • Delivery lead times

    BTnet Denial of Service (PDF Download 129KB)

    • What is it?
    • Why you need protection
    • How to keep your business safe


  • What does the BTnet Service Level Agreement (SLA) cover?

    BTnet Leased Line has a market-leading SLA, with 100% target availability. If we fail to meet our commitment to you, you’ll get money back. Download our Service Level Agreement for full details.

    Can I flex the speed up and down?

    Yes. With BTnet you can flex bandwidth within the capacity of your bearer circuit (this is the maximum bandwidth that you’ll ever need that we agree when you buy your leased line) with only 72 hours notice.

    Your rental charge will change on a pro rata basis for the period of flex, so you can pay less in quieter periods.

  • Is there a fair usage policy for BTnet?


    BTnet is a dedicated leased line internet service giving you fully uncontended and guaranteed bandwidths. It’s your bandwidth, which you don’t share with anyone else so you can use as much data as you like.

    Does BTnet come with a router?

    Yes. Your leased line will come with a fully-managed Cisco router. There's also the option for 'wires-only' if you prefer to manage the routing in-house.