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Useful numbers

Sales: 0800 028 20758am - 6pm Monday - Friday

Technical support: 0800 800 154Open 24/7

Billing queries: 0845 600 70208am - 6pm Monday - Friday & 9am - 1pm Saturday

Business Broadband

Our step-by-step guide to switching to BT Business Broadband

Switch your business broadband to BT

Switch to BT for fast, reliable business broadband with no hassle

  • Unlimited wi-fi now included with our broadband, for you to work on the move
  • Easy transfer of your email and web address
  • Extra peace of mind with one month FREE enhanced support

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How to switch to BT It's easy to switch your broadband to BT

1. Get your MAC code

Find your current provider's contact details in the list below?

Your current broadband provider must provide you with a MAC code within 5 working days and they cannot charge you for it.

MAC codes are valid for 30 days.

2. Order broadband online

Once you have your MAC code you can order. Choose from our range of broadband options.

3. Done! Get set up in 5 days

You'll have your new business broadband up and running within 5 days with only 30 minutes downtime.

Call your current provider to get your mac code on 

0844 499 5555
0871 222 6367
08453 552 000
0800 027 9190
0800 053 4730
0845 124 1115
0844 873 8586
0871 222 6367
01482 602444 (residential) or 0800 915 5226 (business)
0845 026 0237 option 1
0845 454 1111
0800 230 0202
0800 083 3003
0844 873 8586
07973 100 345
0800 298 2981
0845 140 6002
0844 241 4141
0870 444 1820
0800 083 3003
0845 077 4488
0870 444 1820
08442 410 532
0161 946 4444
0800 298 2981
0845 454 1111
0800 953 0180
08700 700 191 / 08700 703 202
0844 873 8586
0844 880 9000
0800 009 4020

Common questions

What is enhanced support?

We'll give you one month's FREE enhanced support when you switch your broadband to BT. Our dedicated support team will be on hand to give you advice on setting up your connection, activating accounts and configuring IP addresses etc.

Why do I need a MAC code?

If you have a MAC code from your current provider you can switch to BT without your broadband service being disrupted.

How can I get my MAC code?

To get your MAC code, find your current provider's details in the drop-down list further up the page. You can then contact them to request a code. Alternatively, order our broadband without your MAC code and we'll help you get it by setting up a 3-way phone call with your existing supplier.

Can I transfer my static IP address from another Internet service provider (ISP)?

No, but you can order a static IP address when you order your BT Business Broadband. It will be available as soon as your account is activated. We'll send you the details in your welcome letters and emails.

Can I transfer my email?

When you switch to BT you can transfer an existing domain name if you have one, or you can use the BT email address issued when you connect. If you use an email address from your current ISP, it may be worth setting up email forwarding.

Can I transfer my domain name to BT?

Yes. You can also buy new domains from BT after you've logged into your new account.

Business Broadband - things you need to know

Why do we have different prices for BT Business Broadband?

The price of BT Business Broadband depends on where you are.

We have different prices depending on which of the three 'exchange pricing areas' you're in. We do this because some areas of the country are more wired than others, so wholesale broadband is more readily available.

Our prices reflect this. We're able to offer our lowest prices in areas where there is a higher availability of wholesale broadband from different providers.

Conditions for getting BT Business Broadband

  • You need to have a router for the broadband to work.
  • BT Business Broadband is not available in all areas.

See our terms and conditions


See our usage charges

BT Prompt Care

BT Business Total Broadband and BT Infinity for business is covered by our Prompt Care service as standard. In the unlikely event that you have a problem, we'll fix it by the end of the next working day after the fault is reported, Monday to Saturday. If we are late in fixing the fault, you can claim £25 through our Customer Service Guarantee scheme.

Broadband and Infinity faults reported Monday-Saturday will be fixed by 23.59 on the next working day. The broadband Customer Service Guarantee scheme covers BT Business Total Broadband Office, Office Unlimited, Advance and Advance Support, BT Infinity for business Advance and Advance Support. Claims must be made within 90 days of the fault being repaired. For successful claims, a credit for £25 will be applied to the future rental on the broadband or fibre line that experienced the fault. Exclusions apply. Full details of the Customer Service Guarantee scheme can be found at www.bt.com/terms

See our terms and conditions

The UK's favourite business broadband

Based on market share. Business broadband market size taken from OFCOM Communications Market Report 2013 - 1st August 2013.

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