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Business Broadband

Check the broadband speed you can get with BT Business Broadband

Broadband speed checker

Not a BT Business Broadband customer?

If you want to check the speed you can get with BT Business Broadband, all you need to do is enter your phone number in our 'Availability and pricing' checker.

Availability and pricing checker

Already have BT Business Broadband
or BT Infinity for business?

Feel free to use our online speed checker to check your line rate or throughput speed in real time. You can read our FAQ on testing your connection speed if you need more information.

BT speed checker

What is broadband speed?

Broadband speed is the rate at which information is sent (the upload speed) and received (the download speed) on your business broadband line. It's measured in megabits per second.

Broadband usage refers to the volume of information you are allowed to use over your broadband connection each month. Usage is measured in 'GB' (gigabytes).

Different types of broadband

Broadband through your phone line

This is the most widely available type of broadband. It's also known as ADSL or ADSL2+. It's delivered to your home through your BT phone line from your local telephone exchange.

Superfast fibre optic broadband

Fibre optic broadband is the fastest broadband we have. It uses fibre cables rather than the same copper cables that we use for your phone lines.

Read more about BT Infinity - fibre optic broadband for business

How broadband gets to your business

How does BT Business Broadband get from our exchange to your business?

Broadband speed test - Types of broadband in the UK

BT Business Broadband uses ADSL technology (that's Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, acronym fans) to transmit digital information at a high bandwidth over your existing copper phone line.

Click on the steps below to follow the broadband on a simple journey from your telephone exchange to your business premises.

Broadband speed in your area - Your local telephone exchange

1. Your telephone exchange

The main factor affecting your broadband speed is the distance from the telephone exchange to your business premises. Be careful, though: this is the distance of the cabling route, not necessarily the shortest distance from your premises to the exchange.

As a rule of thumb, the closer you are to the exchange, the higher the broadband speed your phone line can support. Although there are many things that can affect your broadband speed, this distance is the most important factor. If you're too far from the exchange, you may not be able to get broadband at all.

This is true of every ADSL broadband provider, not just BT. Every company that can provide you with ADSL broadband has to go from your exchange.

Broadband speed in your area - Once broadband leaves your exchange

2. Once broadband leaves your exchange

The broadband service uses your standard phone line as it travels from the exchange underground. It eventually arrives at the cabinet in the street that connects you and other customers in your area.

Distance from the exchange is the main factor that affects your broadband speed but there other factors that can have a direct impact. Like the number of people who are trying to use the network at the same time.

If the line's congested, it runs slower (a bit like when there's too many cars on the motorway at rush hour). That's why, in peak periods, when everyone's using their broadband, you'll often get a lower broadband speed.

Broadband speed in your area - Your local cabinet

3. Cabinet on the street

The green boxes, or 'cabinets' that you can see dotted on streets all over the country connect the telephone exchange to groups of customers' premises. Each cabinet connects a few hundred customers in its area.

The network, including the exchanges, are owned, maintained, and run by Openreach.

Broadband speed test - The cabinet to your business

4. Your premises

We then connect the cabinet to your premises. The cable will run from the cabinet to the Distribution Point (DP). This may be completely underground or it could be that your DP is a telegraph pole, in which case the cable goes underground until it reaches the pole and then connects overhead to your premises.

Again, distance plays a part in the speed you'll get on your broadband. Although it's not as critical as the distance from the exchange to the cabinet, the distance from the cabinet to your premises does affect your speed.

The closer you are to the exchange and to the cabinet, the better

Business Broadband - things you need to know

Why do we have different prices for BT Business Broadband?

The price of BT Business Broadband depends on where you are.

We have different prices depending on which of the three 'exchange pricing areas' you're in. We do this because some areas of the country are more wired than others, so wholesale broadband is more readily available.

Our prices reflect this. We're able to offer our lowest prices in areas where there is a higher availability of wholesale broadband from different providers.

Conditions for getting BT Business Broadband

  • You need to have a router for the broadband to work.
  • BT Business Broadband is not available in all areas.

See our terms and conditions


See our usage charges

BT Prompt Care

BT Business Total Broadband and BT Infinity for business is covered by our Prompt Care service as standard. In the unlikely event that you have a problem, we'll fix it by the end of the next working day after the fault is reported, Monday to Saturday. If we are late in fixing the fault, you can claim £25 through our Customer Service Guarantee scheme.

Broadband and Infinity faults reported Monday-Saturday will be fixed by 23.59 on the next working day. The broadband Customer Service Guarantee scheme covers BT Business Total Broadband Office, Office Unlimited, Advance and Advance Support, BT Infinity for business Advance and Advance Support. Claims must be made within 90 days of the fault being repaired. For successful claims, a credit for £25 will be applied to the future rental on the broadband or fibre line that experienced the fault. Exclusions apply. Full details of the Customer Service Guarantee scheme can be found at www.bt.com/terms

See our terms and conditions

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Based on market share. Business broadband market size taken from OFCOM Communications Market Report 2013 - 1st August 2013.

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