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Your BT Sport questions answered

BT Sport

BT Sport: answers for business customers

I want to show BT Sport to my customers. How do I do this?

You'll need "BT Sport for business", our offering for commercial premises. This commercial sports subscription lets you legally televise BT Sport to your customers or staff.

A commercial premise is defined as a location which wants to take BT Sport in a non-domestic property, i.e. pubs, clubs, hotels, offices and bookmakers.

If you fall into this category and want to show BT Sport, it's easy. Just go to the BT Sport for business website for all the details.

I want free BT Sport. Why should I stay with BT Business?

We appreciate that some customers may be disappointed that BT Sport is only available for free to our residential customers.

But you're a BT Business customer for a reason, and it's a pretty good one: we help you succeed in business by making technology work for you. We're concentrating on developing and delivering great products, services, and deals that help you run your business, grow your business, and maximise the profits of your business.

Before you rush to change your business broadband to residential, there are a few things you should think about first:

1. What you get with BT Business that you don't get with BT residential

If you're running a business, you need our business products, services, and back-up. These are just some of the things that you get with business that you may well miss if you transfer to a residential service:

  • We aim to fix Broadband and Infinity faults by the end of next working day
  • 24-hour broadband helpdesks
  • Unlimited call packages
  • Free intra-company calls
2. Offers targeted at business customers

We know what makes businesses tick, so we make sure our offers have real value for you. BT residential has offers, for sure. But these are for residential customers NOT business customers.

Things like free weekend and evening calls are great when you're at home, but not so hot if your business is closed at the weekend and evening.

3. The costs of moving

Think about the long-term cost of switching to a BT residential account. As well as losing out on things that can help your bank balance (like our aim to fix Broadband and lines faults by the end of next working day, and free intra-company calls), there's the possibility of 'reconciliation charges'.

This could happen if you cancel some or all of your BT Business products and services before the end of your contract. It could mean that some of your discounts suddenly stop, or you don't reach your Committed Spend threshold and find yourself facing a reconciliation charge.

And all that just to avoid a £12 a month charge for BT Sport.

4. How you can get BT Sport for your personal use at home

Retain the benefits of being a BT Business broadband customer and pay for BT Sport over your Sky box.

If you're a BT Business Broadband customer and you want BT Sport for your personal use at home (rather than wanting to show it to your customers in a pub, club, or other commercial premises), then your best option is to order BT Sport to watch via Sky.

BT Sport costs £12 a month for standard definition, £15 a month for high definition. But if you order before 2nd August 2013, you'll get HD for no extra cost for the first year.

You'll need a Sky box with an active Sky viewing card number. If that's you, then you can order through the On Sky Digital Platform. Just follow these three simple steps:

  • Go to BT Sport: start your order
  • Fill out the details as required
  • When you get to the question 'Are you a BT customer?', answer 'No'

We know this seems a bit odd. Sorry. It's because BT Sport is only free to our residential customers rather than our business customers. So the question it's really asking is 'Are you a BT residential customer?' And you're not.

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